The death of Mal. Abba Kyari has been drawing emotions from Nigerians across the world and ethnic divides. To those who are rightly mourning, may Allah grant them fortitude to bear the burden of the irreparable loss, and to the other group who may believe that this is the time to mock, death is the only mocker of all souls. We will all be humbled by death at the appointed time.

By and large, Kyari's death has become a national debate, and the reality of today in Nigeria is that most Nigerians are  beclouded with poor sense of judgement. For now, there's is no limit to their spitting of venom of hatred against the Nigerian State even with what should be a national mourning.

It's sad that at a time like this, some Nigerians still want someone to die because they belong to different political divides. There's a section of the country that believes the man in Aso Rock is an impostor. The conclusion of one of their illustrious sons is that Buhari is late and the man in Aso Rock is one Jubril El-Sudani. No matter how you explain to them to see the reason, the more they become violent on social media spaces. Trying to correct them will earn you unprintable names and curse to justify their anger against their country's President. They have literally changed the name of their country to " *Cowtry* and may decide to say it's a " *Zoo"* depending on their moods. They have been branded the children of hate and that's who they are.

From the very day it was announced that Abba Kyari tested positive to COVID-19, the children of hate and their accomplices  started their hateful wishes against the personality they barely know. They put all the problems of poor governance of 1960 on his head and concluded that he must die. They accused him of being the reason for lack of  hospitals in Nigeria and Abba Kyari is the reason why only "people from Katsina" have been rewarded with juicy opportunities and appointments. In fact, Kyari is the reason light is not in every home and ASUU is also on strike. To some of them, Abba Kyari is the reason we have Jubril El-Sudani in Aso Rock while Kyari rules underneath. There's a long list of Abba's sins that this article can not take.

Politics should have a limit and extremism must be identified. Nigeria is in chaos because there's no limit to what we call politics and that's why a death of a national officer can become a national debate.

Politics is a game of number and strategy. In this part of the world, the word political strategy has no specific boundary and the one with the best  carries the day.

Abba Kyari is one of the elitist Nigerians from Northern Nigeria. Relatively unknown in political circle until his good friend, Muhammadu Buhari became President in 2015. Buhari's offence to some section of the people in Nigeria is in three fronts: The first is that Muhammadu Buhari is a Fulani by tribe who, in their poor judgement, is inferior to their own tribe in both education and sophistication. Two, Buhari as a Muslim has tendency to Islamise the country because he had once displayed an open support for Shari'a. Thirdly,Buhari won an election against GEJ with a support from the Yorubas, believed to be a display of hatred for their own nation by the two other dominant nations.

The same erroneous perspective and points of anger was also transferred to even to their tribal men in the Buhari's Government. Kyari's offences may be greater than the rest of all, having become the pillar of Aso Rock and the face of the presidency protecting our ailing president. 

The best way to offend Nigerians is to display extreme discipline in the line of your duty. If you display extreme loyalty to the your boss and refuse to play so many balls of corruption passed to you, I am sure you will be an enemy of Seventy Percent of Nigerians. Abba Kyari offended so many people on job for choosing to be a typical Kanuri man. An average Kanuri Man is religious, hardworking and dedicated to duty.

Those mocking the death of the Chief of Staff are young Nigerians who have probably not met him in life. They drew their hatred for him from all manners of rumours,hate speeches and erroneous assumptions. Nigeria is the best country in the world where people rely heavily lies, rumours, superstitious beliefs and the likes to draw inferences and make a national conclusion.

 Teachers and leaders should stop feeding young generation of Nigerians information that can lead to discontentment to other tribes and religions. The conceptual perception that a tribe is more exposed and advanced than another must be removed from our national psyche. It's sad that some Nigerians will attribute the failure of Nigerian State to a section of Nigeria, forgetting that no section has ever ruled this country without others.

Those who are still bitter of 2015 election have forgotten that even if GEJ had won, his tenure would have been over by now and government changed. We need to learn to be patriotic to the course of national growth than personal and tribal glory. 

A national re-orientation policy is necessary for the younger Nigerians. We need to be schooled on national ethics and political participation to avoid display of hatred and anger that can cause disunity and enmity within tribes and groups. Every loophole that can lead to perception of nepotism within the system of governance must be blocked. We need to decentralise Nigeria in areas of governance and economic management; every Nigerian must have equal opportunity to strive and survive within the system.

With this level of hatred and hate speeches within Nigeria, the picture of Rwanda readily comes to mind and I don't believe that we need to go the way of the Rwandans before we will get our national bearings right.

Adieu,Abba Kyari. A fine and a patriotic Nigerian. May your soul find peace eternally with your creator.
Meanwhike, The Nigerian presidency, declared the Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari's death on Saturday morning

Femi Adesina, Presidential spokesman, revealed this in a statement.

“The deceased had tested positive to the ravaging COVID-19, and had been receiving treatment. But he died on Friday, April 17, 2020.

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