The President of Chad led Chadian troops into Sambisa Forest and dealt a heavy blow on bokoharam. 
Hundreds of the terrorists were killed and thousands of weapons recovered and about 100 Nigerian soldiers held in captivity were freed.

What will Buhari tell Nigerians now?
 I just hope he doesn't pick up quarrel with Chad for attacking his boys!
Chad Annual Budget 2020 is $2Bn.
Nigeria Allocation for Ministry of Defence is $2.41Bn. Idera Kwara

You know what that means?:
The allocation for Defence in Nigeria is more than Annual Budget of Chad, that bursted Boko Haram's arsenal in 72hrs.

Trust me, Boko Haram is a booming business in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, the Head of Nigerian Army captured Boko Haram Flag and presented it to Buhari, the President of Nigeria.

In Chad, the Chadian Troops led by President of Chad, Idris Debby took over BokoHaram Warehouse housing its weapons & ammunition.

Wake up Nigerians

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