BREAKING: Activist Deji Adeyanju released from prison
Deji Adeyanju, Convener of Concerned Nigerian, has slammed the Kano State government over reported unknown killer in the state.
Adeyanju said this in his Twitter handle on Sunday, call the federal government to attend  promptly and inspect the mysterious deaths in Kano State.
Adeyanju walloped at Governor Umar Ganduje, and said there is no Governor in Kano state.
His tweet reads: “There’s no leadership in Kano. This is why FG must step in immediately. The guy there only knows one thing: stuffing dollars inside Babariga.
Adeyanju speaks further and cautioned that thousands of the people in Kano might have been affected if the death of their deaths is Corona virus.
“The saddest part of the deaths in Kano is that thousands might get infected if it is COVID-19 related as the dead bodies are moved to the cemeteries and no tests were conducted on the corpses.
“Kano should have like three laboratories spread across the state just like Lagos. The population of Kano is over 20 million. “
meanwhile Daily Post recalls that reports on Saturday mentioned that twenty prominent residents have dropped dead in the state in the last 24 hours.
But many were opinion that some died as a result of pandemic Corona virus, while others may have died due to serious disease but residents and government are not yet know the source of the death.

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