5G is an improvement over 4G it is 10x faster than 4G. 5G is not the 666 but 5G is part of the medium for introducing the 666. How ? Now read this. 

With a 5G phone! You don't need to move around with your Phone, You just keep it at home. 

But a MicroChip will be implanted under your skin! With that Micro Chip. you can answer your phone with your body and you can call someone with your body without using phone. 

The device can read your mind,They know your next action before you do it. 

With a 5G and the Implant MicroChip you don't need an International Passport at the air port and you can do any bank transaction any where in the world. 

Meaning, you can use it to buy and sale.

(Can you see the similarities in BUYING AND SELLING,  Rev 13 ) 

Suddenly a leader would rise up and say nobody should buy and sale until you have that microchip (666) clearly that is what the Bible warned us about over 2000 years ago. 

They know Christians will not accept the Idea of microchip Implant, that's why people like Bill Gate who is a confirmed FREEMASON is saying everybody should take vaccination. 

They want to secretly introduce the Implant  through the vaccination and we Christians say NO!!! to their vaccination, because whether the MicroChip is the 666 or not God has warn us in Rev:13 thousands of years before this evil people were born not to put any microchip Implant in our body.

They produce a disease called covid19 and they are now providing a solution to the disease they call vaccination for the prevention of the virus.

(Think about that).

We can't stop their plans, because God didn't say we (Christians) can stop them,  but we have to warn people, not to fall to their traps. 

They introduce CORONA VIRUS a man made disease since 2012. 

Over 50% of this evil people who created this CORONA VIRUS lived in America, but God brought in Donald Trump to retard their plans greatly that was why they had to move to China an ungodly nation to launch it. 

But God is above them, they are trying to go faster than God. The foolish people thought they are intelligent but unknown to them they can not destroy Earth that they did not create. 

The CORONA VIRUS, 5G and the microchip is just a rehearsal by this devilish people , they can not force it on everybody until Christians are Raptured from the earth for the  Lord's wedding feast between JESUS CHRIST GLORIFIED and His bride (Church) . 

CHRISTIANS please, do not panic by losing hope in life  & faith in God by saying is JESUS CHRIST ever coming again? Then you may say what is the hope in life.

Yes JESUS CHRIST is coming very soon but nobody knows when, but his coming is like a thief in the night.  Please go ahead with your normal activities.

Go to school, get married , aspire in life but be more wiser. Watch and pray with the consciousness that JESUS may come the next minute. Stop living carelessly anymore. 

As we wait for his coming at anytime. Let's Preach the Gospel everywhere in the world and get as many people as possible to Jesus.

If you can share this write up, you might be saving precious life that will be counted for you as a soul winner.


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