COVID 19 is a global problems why shoould we handle it differently in this country.
 The only problem is that ,  Federal Government must act appropriately on  crisis, if our PRESIDENT  is busy doing other things.
 you are facing some challenges  yes, but that is the main purpose of having vice president. 
This is Civillian Administration, no president can run it like Military Administration Common NIGERIA'NS are expecting words of encouragement from the president of the Nation in every crisis especially in a situations which can leads to loss of lives.
President can face any challenges privately but it shouldn't disturb the proper expected actions from Government this is Democratic Government it's awful to hold a whole Nation Ransome by the president on this COVID 19 issues.
We common NIGERIANS are demanding words of apology from Federal office to our country. 
Federal Government office isn't the President duty only vice-president and minister for health are there to work with president especially on emergency health issues God bless NIGERIA and bless our honest PMB Amen

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