Nigeria's House of Representatives to resume plenary on Tuesday
On Tuesday, The Nigeria House of Representatives settled to pronounced the alleged torture of Nigerians in China as jingoistic castigation with national nuance.
The Representatives also fixed to demand the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies to, as a matter of urgency, guarantee that all Nigerians that want to come home, and also Nigerians business vendors, any Nigerians who have travel document and identification, Nigerians with expired visas or passports and Nigerians who have valid visas passports who have been emit by house owners, Nigerians who have tested negative to corona virus are moved out from China and isolate them when they arrival Nigeria.
The decision escort the proposal moved by Benjamin Kalu from Abia State and 9 others.
Kalu the principal of the debate on the decision, disclosed that the Chinese under the pretense of quarantine policies are mistreating Nigerians in breach of their rights.
“Under the pretext of curbing the spread of COVID-19, which ironically originated in Wuhan, China, several kinds of maltreatment of Nigerian citizens in Guangzhou have been perpetrated by Chinese people and authorities including wrongful confiscation of Nigerian International Passports, prolonged and illegal detention of Nigerians in the name of mandatory quarantine despite having certificates of clean health and no recent travel history, outright refusal to test or release the test results, and the eviction of Nigerians from their homes and hotel accommodations,” he said.
Kanu also summon the Chinese government of not paying back the care spread to the Chinese Nationals in Nigeria.
“Actions of the Chinese authorities do not reciprocate the favourable treatment their nationals enjoy in Nigeria, but have instead, put a strain on the diplomatic and economic relations between Nigeria and China, thereby, endangering Nigerian businesses in China valued at billions of dollars.”
The decision of the House of Representatives are as follows:
“Urge the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies to provide all necessary financial and other assistance to affected Nigerian citizen in China who wish to seek redress in any local or international court for breach of fundamental rights, loss of property or any other actionable cause occasioned by their maltreatment or discrimination in China;
“Mandate the Committees on Interior, Nigeria Content Development and Monitoring, and Commerce to investigate the Nigerian Immigration, Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigerian Content and Development Monitoring Board, and any other relevant Ministry, Department or Agency to check the validity of all immigration documents of every Chinese person in Nigeria and the expatriate quota of all the Chinese businesses in Nigeria to ascertain the number of illegal and undocumented Chinese immigrants in Nigeria and to repatriate them to China to regularize;
“Mandate the Committees on Inter-Parliamentary Relations, Foreign Affairs, Human Rights and Diaspora to ascertain the extent of violation of rights of Nigerians in China as well as losses arising from such maltreatment and to further engage the Chinese Parliament appropriately to register Nigeria’s National Assembly condemnation of the maltreatment, discrimination and xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in China and to ensure the cessation of such actions by its people and government and that treatments meted to Nigerians are compatible with China’s human rights obligations, and to report back within two (2) weeks for further legislative action.”
Recalled that the Femi Gbajabiamila, Speaker of the House of Representatives,  in his welcome address also against the measures of the Chinese authority in the recent assault against Nigerians living in China.
“The Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency, Geoffrey Onyeama has been consistent in his defence of the rights of Nigerians abroad, and the House commends his efforts. Yet, despite his efforts and the assurances given to the House by the Chinese Ambassador in Nigeria, there are still reports of ongoing mistreatment of Nigerians in China,” he stated.

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