Fellow citizens of Adamawa State I address you once again on the situation in Adamawa State 

The COVID 19 pandemic is still an enemy to contain with globally 

The battle is still on and the end doesn’t seem in sight 

As a government we have invested tremendous  thought and resources to ensure the state is protected against the pandemic and that our people are positioned psychologically to contain the situation 

Fellow citizens collectively we have been through a lot together since the day I signed the executive order for the two weeks stay at home which citizens appreciatively obeyed to the latter 

It was after due consultation taking cognisance of our economic realities that I had the cause to review the situation by relaxing the restriction order which allowed for free movement within the state while adhering to the NCDC guidelines on COVID 19 on social interaction 

I have also imposed strict entry restrictions on our border 

This apart I must admit has been a tough one but most be implemented at all cost for the benefit of the state 

The situation in our neighbourhood there is no doubt that we are being entangled by the day hence the need to make the borders even tighter 

In this regard I appreciate the effort of our security personnel in manning the borders and call that more can be done in this direction 

Our administration has put all in place to contain the COVID 19 pandemic in the state 

While we keep working round the clock to ensure that we stay on top of the situation, our disease surveillance part is doing a good job 

At the initial period of the pandemic we identified four suspected cases which showed symptoms we quarantined them and sent the samples for test they all tested negative and were discharged 

On the 20 of April 2020 we sent another sample of three suspected cases of same case out of the three one of them sadly turned out positive 

With this I regret to announce that we have gotten an index case in the state and Adamawa State is now formally on the Covid 19 map

The index case is a returnee from kano into the state capital sometimes last week upon falling sick he went to the specialist hospital in yola for consultation this is where basic Covid 19 symptoms were identified,he was isolated and his samples were sent for testing. This morning the result came in positive 

We have put in place all apparatus to have him treated at the isolation center,we have equally commissioned a contact tracing mechanism to get all his contacts and have been quarantined and tested where necessary 

Fellow citizens this are trying moments for all of us, it is a challenge to our containment strategy and we are forced to readdress the preventive measures while putting our capacity for ease management to 
optimum use 

At this point I hereby request that the citizens should prepare for a total lockdown in the state to be announced in due course 

As a responsible government we assure you of our best at all times.we must not despair we must not panic our collective resolve to defeat Covid 19 must remain unshaken this is the war that must be won 

Thank you all and God bless

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