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The Christian Rights Agenda, CRA, has  unfit Abdullahi Gandujefor alleged conversion of minor Christian girls to Islam Kano State as a Governor, explained it as a vigorous and irritative conversion.
Ngrealnews gathered that the denunciation was accepted by the residents for the alleged conversion. 
But Christian Rights Agenda revealed that Abdullahi Ganduje has made it a state rules ans regulation to undertake mass conversion of indigenous Hausa Christians to Islam every Friday since he became Governor in 2015.
The CRA, declared via Mr Tom Chiamen, the Interim Director of Publicity, indicate alarm that indigenous Hausa Christians in Kano State have been vanguish under Ganduje’s government and are repulse their rights and privileges as citizens of the state.
Mr Tom said clear example was the rejected of scholarships to Christian students studying in tertiary institutions in and outside Kano State.
In addition he said that many Hausa Christians have also been rebuffed employment opportunities and they are live in serious panic as lower class citizens in a state of their forefathers.
The statement read: “Despite the clear improvement in infrastructure in Kano State, Christian dominated parts of Kano metropolis are still in their pre-1999 ruinous conditions.”
The CRA alleged that the Kano state government always diburse state money for jihad tricks, intimidation, threats and all kinds of backward means inspired conversion of Christian minors by force, , explained it as the most infuriating abuse indigenous Christians of Kano State are threat to live with under Governor Ganduje.
CRA indicated that the boldly proclaimation by Governor Ganduje that the teenage girls in question were pagans and not Christians was not justifiable, saying that girl don’t named Biblical names such as Rebecca?.
The CRA requested that those girls should returned to their parents immediate or it would be left with no way than to use legal action against the Kano State government he also added to report Ganduje to the foreign community, including the International Criminal Court, United Nations Commission on Human Rights, the governments of the United States of America, Britain and the European Union
The CRA asked all men and women of goodwill and also with President Muhammadu Buhari, tocall Ganduje to cease from his mission and discharge the girls and many others vigirously captured and converted to Islam.
The CRA discerned that it is very demoralized that the Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum and Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong, and the Chairman of the Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, Chief Audu Ogbeh, who both are Christians, keep mute over this vicious path being threaded by Kano state Governor.
He declared that Governor’s action is a serious signal to the brittle unity, peace and stability of Nigeria as a nation.

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