Please let’s spread the right information about Dr Emeka Chugbo who died of COVID 19 infection in Lagos on 15/4/2020

Dr Chugbo was a consultant Obsterician and gynecologist that was called in to do an emergency CS for his pregnant patient who was in sever distress as well as her unborn fetus. Unknown to him, she was a case of COVID 19 and that’s how he got infected.

COVID 19 is primarily a respiratory disease that is treated mainly by Internal physicians (pulmonologists), Anesthetists/ intensivists, infectious disease experts, ENT surgeons occasionally, BUT NEVER BY OBSTETRICIANS/GYNECOLOGISTS* so there is no way Dr Chugbo (an Obs/Gynae consultant ) was intentionally treating a COVID patient in his private clinic knowing he lacked the facility to do so as is making rounds now. Please let’s get the facts right.
What he Did was a CS operation not attempt to treat COVID and being the excellent Dr he was, he always went all the way to ensure the best treatment for his patients, And seeing a woman in distress, he rushed in to save her life not knowing it will Cost him his.

It was when she died 2 days after the surgery that the news came that she was a COVID patient.
Unfortunately, Dr Chibuo being an Asthmatic also was already infected and didn’t make it.

Please Let us say a prayer for his family and other health care workers who risk heir lives everyday while trying to save that of others.

Also this shows us that With a community spread of the virus, no one is exempted, even a Dentist, a psychiatrist or a dermatologist, ophthalmologist, GPs, Pediatricians, Urologist and other totally unrelated fields are also at risk.... as long as you see patients.
Also PLEASE Let the public STOP LYING about their symptoms, travel history and exposure so as to get the appropriate treatment for yourself and also not to expose unsuspecting  health care staff who were unprepared to tackle COVID. 

These people have wives, children, husbands, parents and  people who love them. Their lives matter too.

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