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The Government Nigerian via the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 has revealed that there is no scientific knowledge either the corona virus can be sexually transmissible.
Dr Sani Aliyu, National Coordinator of the PTF make this assertion, in a press briefing on Wednesday.
This negate the previous reports by Ehanire Osagie, the Minister of Health, who while inscribed an emergency conference in Abuja pronounced high possibility of the virus to be sexually transmitted .
Ehanire indicate he think that,“if such person is positive, the virus can be transmitted sexually.”
Aliyu declared with other issues while reacting to a question connected to the alleged claim that the virus, after treatment still remains in male testis.
He divulged the world was still in the preliminary stage of the virus, and that no investigation has shows that it could be sexually transmissible.
“At the moment, there’s no evidence of sexual transmission when it comes to COVID-19, but of course, we are still in the early days of the disease.
”The same thing happened in the case of Ebola, when subsequently it was proven that it was sexually transmissible.
“There was a small test case series of ten women who had severe COVID-19 and genital secretions were negative of COVID-19 virus. I think it’s still in the early days. I’ll just say, watch this space”, he said.

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