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Yobe State Government has cramped down the movement of persons and vehicles and other activities for two weeks between eastern border of Damaturu metropolis to Warsala village; a hem enveron with Borno State.
Mamman Mohammed, Director General Press and Media Affair disclosed this on Sunday to Governor Buni.
The statement read, “this is to bring to the notice of the General public that Yobe State Government has placed a restriction of movement order on persons and vehicles from the checkpoint after the Red Bricks Housing Estate Damaturu to Warsala village Maiduguri Road between the hours of 4.00p.m and 7.00a.m daily.
“This restriction order takes effect from Sunday 19th April 2020 for an initial period of 14 days.
“The general public is hereby advised to ply the road from 7.00a.m to 3.00pm ONLY while, it remain closed from 4.00p.m to 7.00a.m. until when revised.
“Parking of vehicles along Maiduguri road within the restricted hours is also prohibited.
”Government solicits for the cooperation of everyone in this regard.”

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