Information making round indicates that Nigeria is preparing to open public places like schools, worship places and lift ban on social gatherings.

Some states in Nigeria have already opened public places including mosques and Churches and I think this is more like an attempted suicide.

Gimba Kakanda, a public affairs analyst bares his mind on the implications of opening mosques during this pandemic.

"Saudi Arabia isn’t the model for practising Islam, but if there’s a country that should defy Coronavirus and resume religious activities, it’s definitely the kingdom. And this isn’t just because the Saudis are the custodians of Islam’s two holiest sites. The lockdown has cost them billions, with their oil-price war with Russia further resulting in plummeting revenues. 

Religious activities have been a buffer of Saudi economy. They were generating about $12 billion annually from Hajj and Umrah, accounting for 20% of their non-Oil GDP, and aspiring to increase the incomes to $150 in the next two years, as a part of their bids to ease dependence on Oil. Now the country is at an economic crossroads, so much that they’ve tripled VATs and dealing with drastic budget deficits.

If the Saudis have prioritized the sentiments of those anxious to return to the mosque and the revenues to attract from regulated religious gatherings, they would’ve long reopened to cushion the economic blow dealt it by the fast-spreading virus. 

Unlike the irrationally religious bots in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia knows the implication of resuming religious gatherings in an unsafe place. Those supporting the state governments that have okayed Jumu’ah and Eid prayers in Nigeria grossly misread the danger ahead. The consequent health crisis is a challenge Nigeria is institutionally unprepared for.  

You assume the lockdowns and curfews haven’t been effective, but that’s because you’ve not experienced the other alternatives yet. The essence of the restrictions isn’t to entirely prevent the spread of the virus, it’s to minimize it. And, psychologically, they’ve amplified the danger of the strange disease. We are at a war, and nobody should expect an easy life in this uncertain time. Be careful of what you wish for. Gimba Kakanda

One wrong step might be fatal for us and believe me, we are not prepared for the consequences.

Just one month ago, Russia seems to have the situation under control but today, it has over taken Italy has the second largest epic center in the world after the United States of America, with over 300,000 confirmed cases of covid 19.

Barely two months ago, Russia was assisting Italy to handle the situation. It even sent doctors and other material support to Italy at the peak of the pandemic in the country. 

Today, Russia is overwhelmed with its own situation and calling for help. Just today, United States of America sent hundreds of ventilators to Russia as a token contribution.

Nigeria can not afford to commit suicide during this pandemic under the guise of worshipping God. 

Government should prevail on those agitating for the reopening of Mosques and other public places to continue to stay at home and offer all our prayers until such time that we are sure that the situation is under control.

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