A pamphlet written in Hausa and distributed among youths in traditional Kano and Bauchi settlements few days ago.

 Interpreted for easy comprehention of non-Hausa speakers. There was also an Islamic version of the pamphlet distributed in Sokoto alone.

The past few weeks have been difficult for Northern youths.
Our youths are sent back from Southern States by some irresponsible State Governors.

The movement of Northern youths to Southern States is Guaranteed by the Nigerian Constitution.

The movement of Northern youths to any part of Nigeria, including Southern States is enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution.

The attempts to send back Northern youths, even as Southern youths move in large numbers to the North without restriction  is not only unfair but undermines equity.

We urge the Northern youths to resist, by all means necessary any attempt to send them back by Southern Governors

We see the actions of these Governors and their agents as provocative and a devious assault on free movement of persons contained in the Nigerian Constitution and the ECOWAS Protocol on movement of goods and persons.

We declare any State that refuses to allow Northern youths to Southern States as an enemy that we promise will be fought vigorously. We urge you, faithful men, not to cringe, not to fear, not to look back. The battle is better fought on their homeland.

We inform you that we your leaders held meetings across the key Northern States of Sokoto, Bornu, Katsina,  Kano, Yobe, Kebi, Bauchi and Kaduna. Our resolve is that Northern youths should move enmasse to Southern States. Relaunch the mass movement in ways they have never seen Go in long convoys. If you are stopped,  use all means, the bushpath, the railways and all. 

If the towns and cities are hostile,  hang out on the street corners, in uncompleted buildings, occupy the forests, pitch tents, make any where available as your abode, your rest places, your home.

We urge you to be armed. The infidels may want to attack you. 

They may want to confront you violently, you must defend yourself.  

You must know it is our tradition to walk tough, never move around without your protective weapons.

We have issued directives to you in the past. Take to these instructions.

 The day of reckoning will come. It is even nearer than imagined.

It will be disastrous to ever assume there will be no battle at all, before we regain the lost Caliphate.

Our forefathers fought up to Ilorin. We conquered all.

 The British  stopped us. Our responsibility is to complete the circle. It is a task that must be fulfilled.

Issued by Fulani Nationality Movement, (FUNAM)
May 02, 2020

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