Politics of Covid-19: Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State speaks...
"NCDC is marketing # CoronaVirus and destroying our Lives.
Enough of this # Covid-19 Nonsense. 386 new cases? We have played fool enough!!!
And you have discharged 679... What did you give to this ones you discharged?
# Covid-19 is a war, and in times of war you get everyone prepared. Tell Nigerians what this ones discharged took and let everyone take it and be safe.
Is Corona more deadlier than Tuberculosis, Sars, Pneumonia, Aids?
Early detection saves the life; tell people how to boost their immune system and stop creating marchants out of Corona.
People are dying everyday for more serious ailments because they can't access hospitals. People have diabetes, kidney issues, liver issues, heart diseases, cancer, BP, labour complications, Hiv, Brain issues, Lung disease, etc, some need to go to other states to access hospital services... They are dying in numbers and no one is counting them because you are counting Corona.
We were told the symptoms of Corona are cough, catarh, difficulty in breathing, and the mortality rate is very minimal which we have seen in the results NCDC have been releasing.
These symptoms things people have been suffering from and we have been managing them well here in hospitals here in Nigeria, we have seen people with difficulties in breathing and they were treated.
Why are we marketing Corona in Nigeria?
Why are we harming ourselves intentionally?
Creating fears, hardship and tension on innocent citizens.
You promised 40,000 testing in 1 month, and this is almost 2months and you haven't tested 20,000
3000+ active cases and 679 discharged, which confirms mortality is less than 6%. Why then do you want to kill the entire country with fears.
Do you know how people struggle to survive in this country? Do you know the more hardship you are forcing on people by marketing Corona?
Now we will be forced to open our borders for importation of rice, can foods and all sorts of junks again cos we will be running out of food soon , at a time we were almost food sufficient.
Enough of this politics that NCDC is playing with our Lives.
This is the second month we Shutdown our offices with no means of livelihood, and you are just counting numbers for us daily.
Are you really concerned about our plight and survival?
First you took to every Tv and Radio station to market Corona. Every second they advertise Corona, to instil fear.

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