The aim of this writeup is to correct the notion that  foreigners are the people illegally occupying and controlling Ilorin Emirate.To some, Ilorin is home of Afonjas,while some sees it as Ilorin Garin Alimi. Much as Ilorin people have long moved away from this divisive tendencies and see themselves as one united family under the banner of Islam. Yet,its pertinent to show those who held this believe that Ile-ife is not different from the way Ilorin was formed.
For one,ile-ife,just like ilorin has been in existence before the coming of Oduduwa,who is now regarded as father of Yoruba nation.  
Oduduwa,unlike Alfa Alimi,migrated from far away Saudi Arabia to settle in ile-ife.
The word Yoruba is derived from LARUBAWA,the tribe of Oduduwa from Arab.

The Crowns,Beads and other attires being worn today as a sign of traditional and cultural authority in Yoruba land are pagan outifit, brought by Oduduwa from Saudi.
Now, if Yoruba are contended with being ruled by a foreign Pagan from Saudi Arabia. Wearing their Pagan attires,and assimilated themselves as (La)Yorubawa. For God's sake,why should anybody try to disturb the peaceful coexistence of ilorin people, who have come to accept the enormous contributions of both Alfa Alimi and Are Ona Kakanfo, who are both Nigerians, towards the rapid development of our city.
Call us ilorin Afonja or Ilorin Garin Alimi if you like.
As for us, Ilorin is ilorin.Islam is our religion.Quran and Horse is our banner.
To God be the glory.

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