The Executive chairman of NewSeason Investment & Microfinance Bank ,Nigeria ,  Architect Babatunde David popularly known as "Komoh" by his admirers has joined dignitaries around the world to identify with Muslims Faithfuls worldwide particularly in Kwara, his home state on this year occasion of Eid El Fitri celebration.

Architect David Komoh while wishing Muslims Faithfuls good tidings after Ramdan fast lauded their resilience and religious dedications all through the month long fasting period in the face of general  lockdown occasions by ravaging Coronavirus Pandemic 

The Omido born Architect and Entrepreneur in a statement duly signed by him from his diaspora abode and which was released via his media office encouraged Muslims and non Muslims to continue to observe the lessons learnt during the holy month in their day to days activities especially while relating with peoples of other faiths .

Komoh added that the religious, ethnic and languages diversities among human race  are designed by creator to make humanity strong and not to divide them .

"The Muslim community are really making inestimable contributions to maintaining peace and civil harmony in the society with all Ramadan teachings aimed at strengthening the institution of the family and educating the youth.  And of course today, in the face of the spread of a dangerous disease all over the world, Muslims in Kwara have showcased their extraordinarily believes in Allah by actively partaking in the month long rituals as commanded by almighty Allah."

"Its important for all of us, Muslims and non Muslims , black and white race to observe the values and virtues indoctrinated in the holy month of Ramdan so that  the world will not only enjoy peace and tranquillity but also enjoy even distribution of resources as Ramdan symbolizes extending hands of gestures to those who are disadvantage in the society "

"Its on this note that I congratulate Muslims in kwara state and the world at large on this year 2020 Eid el fitri   occasioned by end of Ramdan Fasting " I want to also encourage our Muslims brothers and sisters including political leaders to not forget all the impacting lessons  taught by Ramadan as they proceed in their obligations . The fear of God almighty must be imbibed in whatever dealings so that justice and equity can return to our polity" Architect Komoh said 

David advised Nigerian government at all levels to instil trust in the populace by imbibing act of  transparency and accountability especially in the handling of Covid19 pandemic which has now become "The more you look, the less you see " among Nigerian masses .

He added that since citizens are entitled to know how their resources are being expended and government in turn are obliged to adequately inform the citizens, it's expected that all government agencies concerned with management of the Virus centre their focus on service deliveries to completely stamp out the pandemic out of the country and ensure citizens have access to up to date information about their activities so that masses can grow trust in their government which is an essential ingredient for social tranquillity.

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