No great nation will sublet the health and safety of her people to another country. Immediately COVID19 started, every serious nation looked internally to source for cure. The United States have 4 laboratories working on the vaccines, China commissioned 5 labs and the UK commissioned 1 lab all operating at biosafety level 4 categories. No serious nation is sitting down waiting for another nation to develop the vaccines for them. That’s what we call national pride. 

Africa cannot manufacture vaccines, not because we do not have researchers who can attempt to do so, we just do not and cannot afford the level of preparedness requiured to venture into vaccines manufacture on bio safety level 4. Our research centers are still operating at the level of what is photosynthesis. Courtesy, blind and unprogressive leadership post independence. Sometimes truth is bitter. But that’s the truth, don’t be deceived to think the world sees greatness in us as Africans, they see us as hewers of wood and drawers of water. Our Archaic leadership have returned Africa to 16th century mindsets of development and growth. 

We do not even have things as basic as light and water talk more the capacity to Culture and the discipline involved in scientific research maintanance and  time management. 

Due to corruption, a security guard can collect a small bribe and help compromise research test and put entire public in danger. So in our clime it is better not to imagine some things. 

In Africa we spend more money building mega churches and white elephant projects that will not see the light of day. Our political leaders are educated but most of them lack basic understanding of how the world works. 

Our major problem in Africa today is hunger. A nation that cannot feed her people can never be taken seriously in the committee of nations. Once we are able to defeat hunger at that point more Africans will start to think rationally. 

I believe one reason we have suddenly become a heaven and consumer of conspiracy theories is hunger and poverty. We are made to believe that those who spend their money to develop vaccines and save us from extinction are out to harm us. We have developed as a people to rely more on organized religion, conspiracy theories than science. 

As Africans, it is time we get back to the drawing table of development. This time our priorities should not be development of big unsustainable projects, our primary focus should be how to feed our people. Once Africa can overcome food security, every other developmental indicator shall come on board gradually. 

While the rest of the world are working to develop the vaccine, it is time we focus on the food vaccines and stop accepting food from world food organizations, world bank food program and other food donors. If Africa must be truly independent, let us start with food. 

It’s time as Africans we start thinking of how to move ahead post COVID 19. From the disorderliness in our streets and how the pandemic was handled, we have to be truthful to ourselves, we need a new leadership architecture in Africa. 

A leadership framework with at least minimal ability to think and understand the world. This current generation have lost tract and vision. Africa shall rise again!

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