This opinion was written by Bashir Usman which Minister for Disaster Management need to answer

- Are we still up to 500,000 beneficiaries across the federation considering those that have resigned and those removed from this program for various offences.

- Why is the federal Government staff and NYSC get paid before Npower volunteers?

- Today is 15th May and there is no evidence of payment likely to commence today.

- Where was the minister of Humanitarian affairs during COVID 19 press briefing yesterday when a press personal ask question relating to Npower stipend. The below is the question:

"Npower volunteers are at home now are not engaged and their stipends are not paid what's their faith now?"

_ As regards delayed payment....are Npower not vulnerable?? Why is she neglecting the scheme?

- If they claim our stipend has to through some rigorous process, why can't they start the process the moment they pay the previous month?

- Why is it so easy to release fund for other arms of this program easily (HGSF and conditional cash transfer) are ongoing and stipends for Npower has not been paid up till now.

- I think playing politics with stipend/permanency should stop. If they want volunteers out of the program, let them speak up instead of putting us in the dark.

- For me, I feel this is the time to act. Let's not fold our arms and watch our minister deceive us with fictional tales.


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