We have all lived in Anambra State that is characterised by the masses' inability to quickly resolve economic challenges.

The emergence of CORONAVIRUS pandemic made our weak economic foundations more glaring and exposed our people as vulnerable. 

The CORONA VIRUS reality has called for us to review what we have done in the past that left us vulnerable and act to fortify our roots and consolidate the gains of our experiences.

Going forward, we need to start thinking a way out of our over-dependence on handouts and start looking at the options of being the provider.

A state that has job openings will have actively-engaged citizens, taking care of themselves and the members of the society through work.

We need to start the process of a functional Anambra State by choosing a leader who will lay the foundation of job creation and we will avail ourselves to work our State to her glory.

That decision to chose the best wealth creator, job-opportunity-maker starts now, and with you.

Again, High Chief Obiora Okonkwo PhD, the founder of Pro-Value Humanity Foundation is the maker of that Abuja job centre.

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