Nobody breaks the heart of a sensible person. Don't put your heart into any relationship until the man has paid your bride price or the man has put a ring on your finger.

All the crises you experience in marriage is because you have no knowledge. 
The knowledge you acquire about marriage is what keeps your marriage. 

Beauty is not what keeps marriage, if beauty is what keeps marriage, why are the celebrities not married or are divorcing? Handsomeness is not what keeps marriage, there are handsome men who are stupid. As a young girl learn to walk and behave as a lady and not as a man. In the place of knowledge, physical appearance matters. 
There is a way you appear as a sister, nobody will approach you. You are a young lady, you are just 25 but you dress like a widow and you expect a man to approach you? 
As a lady learn cat walk. You don't have to dress expensive to appear appreciated. It does not matter how much you have, there is a boutique that has your size. The truth is, it does not matter what you are wearing, it is the courage which matters. Someone can buy less expensive dress and irons it and walk as a king, others can buy expensive cloth but walks as a servant. So it's not what you wear but the courage to walk with what you are wearing is what matters.

As a man, don't iron your trousers as a lady. As a lady, don't put on weavon for a long time. You must learn to brush, we don't brush teeth, we brush tongue. It is the tongue which smells, that is why someone can have a white teeth but his mouth could still smell. There are some people their teeth is brown but they don't smell. You can't be walking about smelling.

You must have knowledge about feminine gender as a man and as a lady, you must also have knowledge muscular gender. The way women are wired, a woman can do ten things in one day but a man can do only one in a day. 

You must get knowledge about your emotions. Every wise lady learns not to sleep with her partner. Nothing confuses your mind like sex. As a lady, there are certain messages your partner will send you that you don't need to reply. You don't reply when your partner tells you to send your nude pictures to him. You should never send your naked pictures to your partner because he asked for it. You should rather tell him, if we get married, if you want, I can go naked and walk around the whole house. You should not sleep with your partner because he wants to get married to you. Don't give someone something tangible when all he has given is something abstract. As a man don't say, if I don't sleep with the lady, " how will I know she can be pregnant?" There is something we call "fertility test". Go and do fertility test in the hospital, you will know if she can be pregnant. From fertility test, you will know whether your eggs are ovulating and if the man has a good sperm. Start to do that test now, because many impotent men have gotten married and are putting many sisters in problem and many barren women, who cannot give birth have gotten married and are putting their men in problem. So don't just do HIV test, do fertility test to be sure that after your marriage, you will not kill prayer band with prayer request.  

When a lady knows, you have no sexual intention towards her, she can confide in you and tell you everything. Some men don't have one single lady friend, because any lady who comes his way, he will chop her. In choosing a life partner, separate love from infatuation. If you are still saying as for me, I want a fair and tall men or as a man, you cannot control yourself because of a particular shape of a woman, that is not love, that is infatuation. Inner container is more important than outward appearance. There is a way an ugly man will treat a lady that will make  him appear fine in her eyes but someone can be fine but has a bad character that will blind her eyes from his handsomeness. 

Any woman who does not know how to cook is not yet ready for marriage. That is why single-hood is good, because that is the time  to carry your phone, go to Google and type how do I cook this food? As a lady be a chef, don't just know how to cook food but how to serve it. 

Men give love to get sex, women give sex to get love. Men will do anything to get sex. When you visit your partner and the next thing he says to you is, "I have been looking at you, you know i have been liking you, where you are sitting is very far, can you come close?" That is the person who is not ready for marriage. That man wants sex and not marriage, you must run ooo, after he is done with you, he will go to the next person.

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