If there was one man in the opposition who has continued to be a thorn in the flesh of the ruling party, that man would be Reno Omokri a spokesperson of former President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Reno Omokri is very popular for laying down his opinion without fear of what anyone would do or could do to him.

The self acclaimed gospeller took to his Instagram page today to opine that if there was any chemistry between Adams Oshiomole and his wife Iara Oshiomole, it definitely has nothing to do with physical chemistry or even spiritual chemistry.

In his words : "For a marriage to be fulfilling, there must be three kinds of Chemistry: Spiritual chemistry, physical chemistry and financial chemistry. And I assure you that the first two are not responsible for the chemistry you are seeing in this photography" He posted with a photo of Adams and his wife Iara sharing a passionate kiss during their wedding.

The post has generated laughter on his page and on every other media page that has shared the post. Many are however wondering what goes on in Reno's mind when he decides to post things like this!

"This man likes trouble"

"This man no dey fear"

These and many more are the comments that have trailed the post.

Is Reno deliberately courting trouble or just doing his job as a vibrant opposition at the expense of Adam's marriage?

Many also believe it is a very immature and sensitive post, do you feel the same

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