Anambra State, without a doubt is the most expensive political State in the whole of South East, and arguably Nigeria.


It is a common knowledge, that in Anambra State, those who are contesting for Federal House of Assembly spend such an amount one would need to prosecute a Governorship election in places like Enugu, Imo, among others. The reason, is because of the skewed political mentality the people of Anambra State have towards leadership and governance. Anambra electorates are backward, politically.

Some may argue that, it is because Anambra has more billionaires, this is not true, since whatever amount of money required of an aspirant or candidate from any other South Eastern State to participate in election, had always been made available by them.

The electorates of Anambra State do not know their political rights making it easy for whoever has the money to come and buy them, their conscience and their future with such tiny amount as a thousand naira. Ndi Anambra do not posses good Political behaviour or culture.

In Nigeria, we have scores of Political Parties, most of these parties do not exist in other States during Elections, but every registered party in Nigeria contest every election in Anambra, what does this tell you?

Even in natural sciences, logic, and philosophy, it is usually that a case is true, or false, and sometimes neither/neutral. PDP is well-equipped to provide Anambra State with a Governor.

Thus, do not waste your votes again in APGA or APC, among others.

Actually, there is a need for you to know today that Anambra needs development and we can get to the route of development through the decision we will make in 2021.

In view of 2021, if you are from Anambra State, this is what you need to do, stand with High Chief Obiora Okonkwo PhD, and all of us will be restored.

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