These are some of the completed projects and achievements of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Mallam AbdulRaman AbdulRasaq to celebrate one year in office.

1. Construction of Oke-Fomoh bridge at Itanma Ilorin
2.Orimoro road at Alore road Ilorin (inter lock)
 3.Town Hall and Station Road Erin-ile, Oyun Local Government.
4. Agbaji Mosque road to Ita Ogunbo junction Ilorin
5. Museum Road Esie Irepodun Local Government.
6. Oro-Ago to Oyate Ifelodun Local Government.
7. Osi Township Ekiti Local Government.
 8. CAC Ogere  Road in  Babanloma Town,  Ifelodun Local Government.
9.Tipper Garrage  junction Amule  Adesoye  Offa Local Government.
10. Ipata Market Internal Road  Ilorin East.
11. Adeta Primary school Road  Linking Kuntun Ilorin West Local Government.
12. construction of Sobi Specialist Hospital Gaa Osibi Medina Road Ilorin South Local Government.
13. Alore Banni Adabiyyi Ilorin West Local Government.
14. College Of Education Road, Ilorin West Local Government.
15. Ipata Oloje Market  Internal Road, Ilorin West Local Government.
16.Awolowo Road, Tanke Linking  Danialu Primary School, Ilorin South Local Government.
17. Sango Akerebiata Road Rehabilitation hydraulic Structure &  1.2KM Asphalt Overlay,  Ilorin East Local Government.
18.Internal Road, Queen Elizabeth School Ilorin.
19. Shao Township Road,  Moro Local Government.
20. Road,  Patigi, Patigi Local Government.
21. Secretarial Road, Lafiagi Local Government.
22. Bonzo Road, Tsonga , Edu Local Government.
23. Tsaragi Market,  Batakpan Box, Culvert Road, Edu Local Government.
24.  Gberia Township Road, Kaiama Local Government.
25.Ita-Ogunbo, Ita-Elefun 
26. Oke Apomu, Ile -Eletu Banni, Ilorin.
27. Ode-Adana, Adana- Singini, Linking Ile-Ketu, Okekere Area, Ilorin West Local Government.
28. Opposite Oke- Ebo Primary School, Ile-Alaaya, Ilorin.
29.Aibinu Street , Idi-Igba, Ilorin.
30. Koro Afoju, Ilorin.
31. Baboko Linking Eruda, Ilorin.
32. Erubu Street, Off Area Court Street, Ilorin.
33. Oke Apomu, Sarumi, Ilorin.
34. Alanamu Akeyede Agaka Area, Ilorin.
35. Area Court, Center Igboro, Ilorin.
36. Popo Giwa Area, Ilorin.
37.Baakini Ode-Alausa, Ilorin.
38. Baakini Agbaji, Ilorin.
39. Ita-Ogunbo, Ita- Elefun, Elefun- Idi ila Mosiud, Ilorin.
40. Abata Sunkere, Ajibade linking Ita-Merin, Ilorin.
41. Abegunde Lamorunkun Linking Amule School, Ilorin.
42. Okekura, Munabau Mosque, Agbarere, Ilorin.
43.Grading of Kaiama to Chanaige  56KM Along Kaiama. Bode- Saadu.
44. Grading of  Ilesha Baruba to Oyo State Boundary lgboho.
45.Rehabilitation of Moro Bailey Bridge, Moro Local Government.
46?. Patching Of potholes & Sectional Overlay on Offa Garrage, Sawmill, Olohunshogo , Asa Dam, Sanni Okin, Taiwo Isale, & Oke, Niger Road ,Apalara / Al-Hikmah University, Atiku & Kaduna Road, Oseere, Kokoroka, & Isale - Aluko Road, All in Ilorin.
47. Eroded  Portion of  Federal Road @  Otte.
48.Grading of some portion of Kaiama Kishi  Road.
49.Retaining  Wall &  Asphalt Work Project @Eyenkorin, Ogbomosho Road, Otte.
50. Completion of Taiwo Road, Omu-Aran surface dressing to Asphalt Overlay.
51. Repair of Bridges & Culvert Egwa Bbidge, Lafiagi Edu. Odo-Ase Bridge, Oke Ero, Buka Adena Bridge Moro/ Kaiama, Bokungi Culvert, Edu Local Government.

52. construction of Coca- Cola Bridge, Ilorin.
53. construction of Asa-Dam, Egbejila Airport Road, Ilorin
54. Kishi Kaiama Road.
55. Renovation of Government High School Adewole Ilorin
56. Renovation of Ilorin Gramar school.
57. Renovation of Isolo-Opin secondary school
58. 4block of class room at Arabic college Jebba
59. . Renovation of Awonga  Secondary school Shao
60. Completion of one block of four class room at college of health Technology, Offa
61. Establishments of 300 capacity ICT center in the college of health Technology Offa
62. Released of #4,540,030 to college of Nursing Oke-Ode for repairing of leaking roof of four     major Building
63. Purchase of Ambulance for college of health Tech. Offa
64. Provision of water  for : Gure, Kosubosu, Geasoro, Okuta, Taberu, Ngurume, Ilesha Baruba,Shiya and Boriya in BARUTEEN local government.
65. Renovation and rebuilding of center Igboro Health center to a modern system
66.  Renovation of Oke Agodi health center 
67. Renovation of Idigba health center
68. Oju ekun health center Ilorin
69. Payment of over 700M,  seven months salary arears owed by the past administration to the Colleges of Education.
70. N123,137,802 was released for the accreditation exercise  for three institutions  namely C.O.E. (Technical), Lafiagi, College of Nursing and midwifery, Ilorin and CAILS, Ilorin.
71.  College of midwifery,  Ilorin which had been neglected since 2012  was resuscitated by this administration.
72.  Disbursement of bursary to 8,304 final year students who are Kwarans in tertiary institutions across the country.
73. Scholarship of  N100,000 was given to 179 students of Kwara origin in law schools across the country. Total sum of N17.9M.
74. Disbursed N5,000 each to 8,304 final year students of Kwara State indigene across various Tertiary Institutions in the country. Total expended,   NGN41,520,000.
75. Monthly subvention has been restored in the state- owned Colleges of Education.
76.  Approval of 19,560,000. for Aircraft Insurance and salaries.
77.  NGN19,573,363.54 outstanding salary arears was released to IVTEC, Ajasse Ipo.
78. Approval of N40 Million to College of Health Technology Offa for accreditation.
79. Funds released for the purchase of DA42 propeller, ELT batteries and other IT equipments for flight operation in International Aviation College, Ilorin.
80. N17.562M was released for the college of law accreditation exercise by the council of legal education.
81.  N1,800,000 was approved to support  entrepreneurship program 2019 (workshop), which was organized by MOTEST
82. Reconstruction of Ojuekun health centre, Ilorin west LGA.

Payment of arrears owning LGA/SUBEB Staff which was stopped due to #covid19 will be revisited and settled.


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