Assuming you refused to wash or cut your hair for one year. How would you feel? 
A woman exclaimed many with their mouths open after revealing that she has not washed nor cut her hair for more than 20 years.

This woman revealed this viral video on social media. The Asian woman said "she did not wash her hair over the fear of experiencing badluck."

Daily Mail reports that, they told her cutting her hair would bring badluck to her when she asked her village elders what to do with the hair.
The report said, "When Jiam reached her thirties, her hair started to naturally twill together. Instead of washing or cutting it, she asked her village elders for advice. They told her that cutting or washing her hair would bring terrible bad luck to her."

The fear of any badluck, the superstitious woman complied with elders' advice and refused to wash her hair.

Her hair grew to her feet and is almost touch the ground. Her hair grew into one extraordinary dreadlock.

Jiam has refused to cut or wash her dreadlock.

In the vira video, she is seen pouring water to the thick dreadlock at the edge.

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