No matter how one may intend to window dress the whole Scenario in Edo State, I strongly believe  Oshiomhole denied Governor Obaseki second term Ticket because of his personal interest not because of the interest of an average Edo people.
Therefore, Oshiomole has emerged as Edo State godfather and the irony of it is that this was the same godfatherism he fought strongly yesterday when he was the Governor of the State. 

However, I am still searching for the point of correlation on our very people here that supported Tinubu when he denied Ambode Second term ticket on the Excuse of party men interest and the same my people gave Oshiomhole thump up against Obaseki even when they knew the core issue between the duo is miles away from good Governance but on politics but surprisingly they are Saluting our dear Governor in kwara State for fencing the big wigs in APC justifying that our dear Governor is performing cum doesn't want to share State resources with this people as if Tinubu alleged Ambode of underperformance and ditto to Oshiomhole and Obaseki.

I hope Mr Governor ought to have seen how influential certain interest is ahead of the interest of the masses in two respective States established above and that is one of the peculiarities of Nigerian Democracy. Man made law like Democracy  is Always a bye product of manipulations.

I just  want to give a pieces of unsolicited advice to our dear Governor in Kwara State that , he should keep concentrating on Governance and pay less or zero attention to Second term ticket or accommodate party men to give him enabling environment to secure his second term ticket though it may be too early to discuss this but we shall surely get there and a reference will be made to this just there paragraphs. More importantly, I know DESTINY is ahead of all the human calculations and it will surely play out at the end. May Kwara Succeed!

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