Growing up from the core part of the state capital has been eventful,  I do believe that across the globe, every towns and cities have certain dynasties which one would agree to be a household name to all and sundry.

While I was younger, one of those names I do recount easily is "Akaje" family, not only that I have a childhood friend from the family but also of the Giants who lived and still living bearing the name of the descent.

In my quest to know what students politics is all about, I engaged myself to be immersed in history of students unionism in the state, I found a name in tandem with the dynasty I know to be among the bigwigs in the socio-political clime of Kwara State and Ilorin to be specific - Ibrahim Akaje.

Akaje's spell in the leadership of Students Unionism changed the narrative to building a generation that would give decency and orthodox educational and societal aspirations the purest and selfless commitment against vigorously pursuing interests in the belief of politicising the game with violence and selfishness.

Beyond doubt, this (man) Akaje's philosophy go against the instinct of the higher hierarchy on being untouchable masquerades who rule across the political divides, yet making legitimate opportunities rigid. Those who care less about the future of the young ones but empower nitwits and celebrate them as role models. 

He has been showing his capacity and Intellectualism to the world most especially his constituents - Youth. Forthrightly, Ibrahim Akaje Knows that every institution of resistance against bigwigs shenanigans would have either been infiltrated, captured or is in thrall of their whims and caprices. Despite knowing that those for whom he speaks and acts, by some strategic psychological evaluation and reconditioning and due to chauvinistic considerations, have relapsed into indifference or total submission. Yet, Ibrahim Akaje speaks against all odds.

Akaje is a man of exceptional character per excellence, he stands out as an ambassador for the state and the entire younger generation across the nooks and crannies and embodied the argument for greater inclusion of young people in governance and leadership.

Ibrahim Akaje is a man of calm demeanor, strong preserve, intellectual thinking, polite yet meaningful speak and a good upbringing.

A well-mannered and considerate man with high standards of proper behavior. Something that is very rare in today's world.

Despite the unclear coast in the Political system of the state, Akaje remains one of the best few brains that can reposition the state to another greater heights. If you have to graduate from a school of political thought cum cerebral intellengentsia and be certified with merit in all ramifications; Ibrahim Akaje's tent is a best shot.

Akaje is well known for his visionary trait, his tenacity to bring new breath to the clime of premitive thought within the youthful tent. He reasons aboveboard by involving in farming against most people's philosophy that politics is a business.

This generation is blessed to have a vibrant young man who is repositioning the mindset of most Nigerians through his unmatched creativity and sincerity. Akaje is known not to be self-centered and a true definition of philanthropist.

A tall and straight tree, they say, last not in the forest. It is my prayer to Almighty Allah to protect him and be his guard against all odds.

On his monumental birthdate celebration, I join the world to felicitate with him and pray to Almighty Allah to bless him beyond words.

To that strong, brave and intelligent man! Happy birthday to an handsome son of the Pious. I truly wish your dreams come true, even the smallest ones. Amazing smile, strong character, loving, respectful, and a remarkable man.

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