Ila-Odo is an ancient town in Yoruba Land having ancestral link with Ile-Ife via Ila-Orangun. The founder of Ila-Odo was one of the sons of Orangun Adejorin Okomokasa who reigned at the present Ile-Ila from 1640 – 1680 A. D.
Hisotry had it that Orangun Adejorin Okomokasa was one of the sons of Orangun Adegbiji Igbonnibi – the founder of the present ila-Orangun. Hence, Oduleke was one of the grandsons of Orangun Adegbiji Igbonnibi.

There is no action without a cause. Prince Oduleke’s movement in the 18th century was caused by infant mortality problem facing him. This problem made him to consult Ifa Oracle. The Ifa Priest made it known to Prince Oduleke that the only way to overcome infant mortality problem was to have a change of place and move South West ward to a virgin land.

To this end, he acted in accordance with the instruction given by the Ifa Priest and moved with his wife South-West ward in search of the said virgin land. After walking for several days and nights, they settled temporarily at a people place called Ilaba meaning “Ibi ti Il aba si” in Yoruba, that is “ a place where Ila people rested.” The place is called Ilaba up till today.

No sooner than he arrived, he met a hunter named Alala when he went in search for food. They reached a compromise to live together.
They noticed the availability of several rivers such as Rivers Otin, Awere and Aasin within their environment. They admired the availability of such rivers. The attempt to enjoy easy accessibility to the various rivers made them to move out of Ilaba around 1720 A. D. and settled at the present Ila-Odo which is situated in between two rivers. Rivers Otin and Awere. Hence, the adoption of the name Ila-Odo meaning “in between rivers.” They therefore converted Ilabal and their other environment to agricultural use.

In no distance time, Oduleke’s wife gave birth to a male child named Oyesola. True to the prediction of the Ifa Oracle the god of wisdom, the problem of infant mortality of Prince Oduleke was over. Prince Oduleke was made the Onila of Ila-Odo because of his royal blood. Alala automatically became the second in rank to the Onila of Ila-Odo and head of the Ila-Odo Kingmakers right from the inception of the town.
Oduleke lived up to 1720 A. D. His son, Oyesole became the next Onila of Ilas-Odo after the death of his fathe in 1720 A.D. all other subsequent Onila-Odo hail form the royal families of Oduleke and Faniyi otherwise called Ologbojo and Olupo Royal 
families respectively.

1. Oba Oduleke
2. Oba Oyesola
3. Oba Adekannbi
4. Oba Adekunle
5. Oba Olasinde
6. Oba Oyekan ibisanpo Tewogbade I
7. Oba Faniyi Sogbodile I 1901 – 1923
8. Oba Siyanbola Ibitoso Oyelaran I 1923 – 1939
9. Oba Sunmonu Abioye Sogbodile II 5/4/1940 – 21/8/1949
10. Oba Irinoye Tewogbade II 13/1/1950 – 10/10/1970
11. Oba Alh. Salawu Oyeniyan Sogbodile III 1973 – 1993
12. Oba Joseph Afolabi Adekanye Oyelaran II 29/10/1993 - 2020

1. Alala of Ila-Odo
2. Petu of Ila-Odo
3. Otunba of Ila-Odo
4. Odofin of Ila-Odo
5. Elesa/Eesa of Ila-Odo
6. Ojomu of Ila-Odo

OTHER TRADITIONAL CHIEFS IN ILA-ODO (Not arranged in order of seniority)
• Olowoeyin of Ila-Odo
• Samu of Ila-Odo
• Olowogemo of Ila-Odo
• Sobaloju of Ila-Odo
• Oluponna of Ila-Odo
• Esinkin of Ila-Odo
• Saiwo of Ila-Odo
• Inurin of Ila-Odo
• Ikolaba of Ila-Odo
• Elemoso of Ila-Odo
• Majekobaje of Ila-Odo
• Balogun of Ila-Odo
• Otun Balogun of Ila-Odo
• Seriki of Ila-Odo
• Jagun of Ila-Odo
• Osolo of Ila-Odo
• Ajagunna of Ila-Odo
• Iyalode of Ila-Odo
• Otun Iyalode of Ila-Odo
• Iyaloja of Ila-Odo
• Oluode of Ila-Odo

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