On Tuesday, British Government declared that dexamethasone will now available on COVID-19 patients.

The government made the declaration after  researchers in the UK shows a fresh antidote, which has declined COVID-19 deaths risk.

The vaccine has declined death risk for patients in ventilators by one-third and oxygen by one fifth.

The vaccine, which is not cost and generally available can assist save the lives of complicated patients COVID-19.

UK medical experts believe that the low-dose steroid treatment which was tested between March and June is a major success in the tackling the pandemic virus.

According to BBC, Prime Minister Boris Johnson disclosed there was a original case to felicitate “a remarkable British scientific achievement.

He, therefore, said further that the government has taken measures to assure many supplies.

Presently, there are 8,194,790 authentic cases of pandemic corona virus and 443,231 deaths all over the world.

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