Shettima Yerima, the president of Arewa Youths Forum, has cried out to the Senate to cease senator Enyinnaya Abaribe renumeration, Because he is the sponsorer of IPOB body banished by Nigeria government.

His statement read, “We have seen this Senator or channel tv severally defending IPOB and he stood surety for Nnamdi Kanu . This is nothing but a treasonable offense to side a terrorist organization.

He always claim that IPOB are peaceful when that’s not true. He also talk bad against Fulani herdsmen who are only carrying guns to defend themselves.

Do you know how many times villagers have killed these herdsmen to prompt them to carry gun. In Nigeria, there is freedom of movement but many states in the south are attacking these herders which is the reason they have arm

I personally have cattle and I give them gun to defend my cattle against thiefs.

I think it’s time the Senate stop paying Abaribe now that it’s clear he is the number one sponsor of the terrorist organization called IPOB”.

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