Developing A Quite Time means that one is trying to become industrialized, mature, advance in his or her work with God.
Maintaining A Quite Time: to uphold, preserve, keep up with the task (Quite Time) ahead.

Quite time? According to the Scripture "it says that Jesus would often withdraw to a quite place in order to pray." “Very early in the morning,” says Mark 1:35, “while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”.

Tips On How To Develop A Quite Time
1. Check Your Heart: During quite time, many people do many different things – reading the Word, praying, singing, meditating on a piece of Scripture, memorizing a Bible verse, journaling about a verse, studying the passage (using a Study Bible, concordance, commentary, etc). Two people may utilize three of the above methods in, what looks like, the exact same way, but have completely different motives.
2. Read the Bible: This is a way to know God, delight in His attributes, and be sanctified or conformed to His image. Yes, God has revealed Himself through nature (Romans 1:19-20Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)), but we most clearly see His revelation through His inspired Word.
3. Pray: Pray for the Holy Spirit to make the text clear to you. Praise Him for the attributes you saw in your Scripture reading. Confess your sins – all the ways you do not measure up to God’s beautiful Holiness. Ask Him to align your desires with His. Thank Him for His many blessings. Pray for those around you and the rest of the world – for their needs, both physical and spiritual.

Let prayer flow out of your time reading the Word. 

Steps To Be Consistent In Having A Quite Time
God is ready to spend time with you but the question is how can you achieve this?
1. Make a plan: It will be easier to follow through on quite times if you have a plan. Set a time, a place, and decide how you’ll spend your time with God. If you struggle with discipline, plan it for the time of day when you have the most self control. For many of us, that’s first thing in the morning.
2. Find something that will help you discuss life with God: It’s easy to think of quite times as just another item on the to-do list. This makes us not want to do them. Instead, view quite times as daily “dates” with God: a time to sit with Him and discuss the day, discuss life, and just plain enjoy Him. 
3. Find something that will keep you interested: We’ve all experienced those times when we sit down to read the Bible and our mind wanders. When that happens, try to stay focused by doing something that involves deep thinking or writing. Here are a few things that help me in those situations: meditating on Scripture, Bible studies, and Bible journaling.
4. Find something that will help you grow: If you think back to how the disciples spent “quite time” with Jesus, a lot of it was spent in asking Jesus questions about how to live life. That should be happening for us too. If you’d like to work on growing in a specific area of your life, consider starting a renewing of the mind project and use your quite time to go to God for help with it. This is a great way to grow closer to God as you learn to rely on Him for that area of your life.
Try not to miss a day, but give yourself grace if you do.
5. Get an accountability partner: If you try these steps and still struggle, you may want to consider asking a friend to hold you accountable to having your quiet time for the first month or so until you establish the habit.

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