When the All Progressives Congress (APC) sought for political power in the 2015 national elections, they did so with the sincere determination to win back the country from the PDP. This is the case in all circumstances where political power has moved from one party to the other.

Edo State is going through a phase and the Edo's endurance trek will be the lesson for Anambra's deserved victory.

It has become obvious that most parties in Nigeria are not majorly different in their ideologies, if any difference, it will be about the people's capacity and acceptability to win Election.

Anambra 2021 is not a do or die, for if the election is contested based on proven abilities, demonstrated capabilities, and shown acceptability, the PDP has the best pack of the squad, in the category of those who can best represent and serve the State and her masses.

Now that it has become clear that the like of High Chief Obiora Okonkwo PhD, is in the PDP corner, a staunch member of the people's party, the general prayer the masses are having now is for a free and transparent Primaries, which will turn up the best and Dr Okonkwo and the PDP will have an easy access to victory against counterparts from other parties.

Returning Anambra to PDP equals the candidacy of PDP's Dr Obiora Okonkwo.

Let us return Anambra to PDP.

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