Someone was analysing a radio programe he listened to yesterday and I laughed a bitter laugh; "I knew and I had said that but thank God - the plan of evil is not seeing the light of the day."

Now, I think whatever people will say "we must talk and the talking must be now."

They said "someone said godfatherism is everywhere and can't be abolished" meaning the one they were telling us to do then is "just to hack a great Kwaran down to open door for an alien godfather" but not destroying godfatherism.

Now that they have succeeded in making Kwara voted out the dynasty - they want to take us to their godfather in Lagos so that they will become the junior godfather by extension here in Kwara; God forbid! 

Those who were preaching to Kwara to stop godfatherism are the one preaching it on Radio today that Kwara too need a godfather using the Edo saga to threaten the governor; what an insult on Kwara sensibility?

When we heard in the rumor in last quarter of 2019 that the new sheriff was in problem with those who were planning to limit him to one single term - the team that make the batch A of his enemies; we were laughing.

Then Speakership of Kwara House Assembly was taken from my dear Kwara South to Kwara North and that give birth to the radio program that replaces the ..... gbode(s); the batch B enemies of the sheriff.

Then it was rumored that the cabinet list from extended godfather from Lagos was rejected and the real hell was let loose expecially when the rumored expected Chief of Staff  was changed form our Lagosian brother to the Ilorin Baba; this now formed the strong  batch C group of the governor's enemies.

The wise kwarans know the Batch A + batch B = Batch C that have come together are not fighting for Kwara but personal interest.

We didn't talk since nothing concern us in saying that one beautiful snake bite one handsome antelope since it is children of animal that are biting themselves; we had to keep our peace while enjoying the show.

But the cunning warrior should not take Kwarans for fools to think because he has joined the Batch A enemies as Batch B enemy and now have the strong Batch C enemies along with their Lagos godfather; they can jointly  fool Kwarans again by using the same diaspora godfather to destroy the governor they installed

He and his co - self interest pursuit governor's enemy batches should be prepared to face torrent of sachets of pure water and pebbles from the irate masses if they try to start that same campaign on this Government.

Once tricked but twice fooled; it is clear these categories of people is only interested in using foreign force to enslave Kwara because the lack the capacity to be a godfather themselves and Kwarans won't be fooled this time around.

Enslaving us to Lagos godfather will not be allowed; you better bow for the governor you just installed and face the opposition and critics squarely for the next battle in 2023.

We all know this battle is not that of the Party Chairman or the other contestants against the Sheriff but that of the forces of diaspora godfather in Kwara that thought they have put their stooge in Kwara government house but was dissappointed by the independent mind of the man. 

Thanking Ilorin spirit that think Kwara shouldn't bow to Lagos; let the message sink that *voting out the dynasty is not to take us to Lagos slavery. This is not the battle you will win for kwara will resist you this time around.

Thinking people need to know the drummer for this 'Iromis' that are dancing on Kwara political water surface is .................. (kindly fill the gap)

The radio program has "confirmed that certain people have contract to sell us out to Lagos and they will fail."

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