1) The New Republic will own the Lagos and Ondo Ports that will generate over 100billion naira monthly to the Oduduwa Republic. VAT which South West produce over 60 percent will no longer be pocketed by Abuja but shared among our people. Oil in Ondo and Itsekiti land, about 40 percent of Nigerian oil and the largest bitumen deposit in the world will be owned by Oduduwa Republic.

2) New Banks and Businesses will be registered by the new republic, creating new jobs and opportunities, railways, monorails, shipping, fishing and inexhaustible advantages.

3) About 200 Embassies to be opened in Lagos and Ibadan with fresh foreign frontiers and opportunities. Oduduwa will open 200 foreign missions, creating jobs and new edge for global economic and diplomatic reach.

4) Extremists groups and terrorists will be treated not as co-citizens but as foreign invaders.

5) Great institutions like OAU, UI, UNILAG, Yabatech, EKSU, OSUA etc will be under direct administration of Oodua Republic for technological innovations and advancement. There will be reduction in cost of governance.

6) There will no longer be Nigerian Army or Nigerian Police that kill and maim our people, but Oduduwa Security that will speak our language and act according to Yoruba civilization, leading to low crime, low tempo of violence, peace and stability.

7) Over 10 million non tax-paying destitute, and beggars will no longer be available to destroy, pollute and underrate our homeland.
Work for Oduduwa Republic, Dream it and Actualise it. It is NOW!

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