Over the past few weeks, I was opportuned to read several cases of rape, abuse, disappointment and failure of men and women who were faced with challenges of life that looks like it will terminate their lives. 

I read the rape cases of Oprah Winfrey by three of her close relative. Raped by her Uncle, Cousin and a family friend at the age of thirteen. And how she delivered a prematured baby at fourteen which later died - a pathetic experience.

Apart from the abuses and raped cases she experienced while she was young, Oprah came from a very poor background which shows that she doesn't have any advantage in life.

Today, the world is still celebrating this African Queen because her talk show brought her into limelight and was received by many. In fact, Oprah Winfrey is one of the most powerful and celebrated woman in the world.

She achieved these because she embraced the future instead of been caged by her past.

I want to remind you that your last disappointment, abuse and failure are just an event. Painfully and discomforting, you must see them as an event that had happened which must be forgotten.

They should not stop you from winning in life. You should not allow those past to become your cage. They should even become your motivation to come out stronger and better in life.

Don't let your past to become the reason for your limitations. See God walking with you and taking you to your destination in life. It's time to get out from those limiting cage and let them go.

Today is another day to embrace your world. I beseech you to always see the grace and the wonders of God in your life. When you do, life will also embrace you and celebrate you.

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