History has it that the disproportionate victimization killing of blacks still stands at its highest point under Obama’s leadership as the President of America.

Under Obama, White Americans enjoyed the benefits of improved public safety much more than blacks. In 2015 alone, there was an overall 13 percent uptick in the murder tally compared to 2014, all of it concentrated in cities and neighborhoods where large number of Black people live. Murder rose by more than 50 percent in Washington D.C, and by 63 percent in Baltimore, which alone account for about 15 percent of the national increase.

Black victims accounted for nearly two-thirds of the year-over-year increase, which translates to 944 additional Black people murder, out of just under 1,500 additional victims nationwide. More than half of this increase (about 811 additional murders) came just from blacks aged 17 to 39.

The number of Hispanic murder victims ticked up by 8 percent, about the same as the increase in White victims.

Because of the terrible condition of Blacks and after being failed by Democratic policies, they believed strongly that they have nothing to lose by turning to Donald Trump, a man with genuine commitment on well-being of every American. Also, renowned for the slogan, America first!

Studies show that Donald Trump has a strong point about law and order and this in perspective, explains why Black communities victimization and murder dramatically reduced over the years in comparison to the Obama era when victimization and indiscriminate murder of African Americans was at an alarming rate.

It goes without saying, that African Americans are safer under Trump’s presidency. The executive order recently signed by President Trump to check police brutality is testament to this. Trump has also created more jobs in history for African Americans, bringing the unemployment rate among Blacks to an unprecedented low.

Obama’s failures are glaring. His dismal record in addressing the black victimization issue bear credence to his shambolic presidency. He not only failed Americans as a President but also failed the African American community who had high expectations of him when he assumed office.

Obama is a colossal failure even to the African continent where his biological parents are believed to have come from. Till date, Malik Obama his elder brother is rumoured to have described Barack as a disgrace to the African continent.  This opinion is also shared by a number of analysts who perceive Obama’s hypocritical adventure and needless war in Libya as tragic flaw of Africa’s economic development. These critics also consider Obama as foolish for choosing to pursue a policy in Africa of coercing African leaders to accept homosexual marriage as against a much more productive policy of seeking to eradicate poverty from the continent.

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