Parenting is the process of raising and educating a child from birth until adulthood.
Now, I know we have already passed our childhood stage, and I want to believe that whatever error that might have happened during our childhood will be corrected by God's mercy. You can not be a parent without passing through giving birth process.  And this can happen through male and female union. Whether you do wedding or you get impregnated out of ignorance.  Those are for our biological parents. And we have our spiritual parent also. But we re going to talk more on biological parents

 The process of being a parent start from courtship, to knot tying,  to giving birth, to raising the children. 
As a Christian, there are some things that must be done in courtship before going to the alter, once you hear from the Lord, we are expected to start work immediately, that is getting into action, courtship is not meant for merriment alone, going to cinema, doing shopping and all, but time to commit the journey ahead unto God hands.

It is the time you pray about your intending home, pray for your in-laws, pray for future family friends, pray for your unborn kids, the type of friends you want your children to keep, pray for uncles and aunts too, so that they will not mislead your children after training them

As a Christian, there are some criteria for us to follow to have a healthy relationship 
1. Be born again, having personal encounter with God, John 3:3,6
2. Be in service for God
3. Be within the kingdom, have a relationship with people in the faith
4.  Be holy
5. Be transparent 
6. Be trustworthy 
7. Be committed

It is when you are  truly ready that you can now go to the alter. Get yourself prepared. Jesus said, have you not read, that he that make them, made male and female, NOTE: "Have you not read" , so,  Jesus want us to have read as many as possible books about courtship, marriage and parenting. So, courtship is the time we get ourselves prepared for the future. For we that got pregnant immediately after the wedding, congratulations, and for we that waited upon the Lord for years,congratulations also

Don't forget we are talking on Good parenting


 Science told us that, the baby can hear from the womb. Though, it takes  the grace of God to train a child successfully, that's why we need to be prayerful. Before we go on, Let me quickly share with us some examples of families in the Bible


1. The family of Isaac 
      Gen : 27:1-46
We all know the story of Jacob and Esau, the passage teaches us that,
 a. There must be no secret among couples.
b. We must know ourselves
C.  There must be discipline by both parents
D.  There should be equality in things
E.  The parents must be sensitive enough

2. The family of Joshua 
 Josh 24:1-end
We know that Joshua is a  military man.
Joshua taught us family steadfastness in God's word
B. There ll be peace in a Godly home
To be a good parent,we must first of all be at peace within ourselves,  We must be disciplined. We must be rooted in the word of God. Don't be a parent that indulge child

Proverbs 22:6
 "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it"

 It is what we sow in our children lives when they are small, that we will reap when they grow up.  In Africa, it is the duty of a woman to train a child, fathers are known to just provide for the needs of the family. We have forgotten that women are just help mate,  That is, training a child should be the responsibility of both parents.
We all know about the family of Ananias and Saphira.A home of deceit. A good parent will have the children under control. Starting a day with morning devotion and ending it on family alter. Feeding them with the word of God right from the womb. Have time for your children.  Don't be too busy to study your kids.  Know when they are happy and when they are not. Do not let anybody tamper with their self esteem. Lead them to God.  Show them the way to God, We need to be a psychologist as a parent

 Don't be the type that will be in church as early as possible and leave the children at home to meet you later. Watch the kind of friends they keep, that is where you ll know whether your prayer during courtship has been answered or not. But don't choke them, Don't turn to monitoring spirit, Always ask God for wisdom to train them.

If they are in school, give them surprise visit,  When they are small,  you determine when they eat, what they eat, when you want them to sleep, where you want them to be at a particular time, we can get that also when they grow up by praying for them not to depart from what you ve taught the. 

And pls, Don't make Christianity boring for them,  Let them explore in the way of the Lord. Don't forget,  If you don't train them, the world outside there will train them. If you are the type that does not use earrings, show them in the Bible why you don't want them to use it, so that it won't be as if you are caging them,  Lead them to Christ at their tender age.

Above all,  let Love reign in our house, Teach them to love God, cos that is the greatest commandment, Let them know the blessings in loving God And the curse too. Study the word of God together
Visit your parents together with your children, so that they will know they have to take care of u at your old age, Don't be a good parent by mouth alone, do it with examples. Be the example your children will follow

 And for those of us that gave birth outside wedlock, I greet us congratulations, cos there is a good news. Do you know that it is continuous occurring of an incident that turn to generational curse. Study have shown it that a child born out of wedlock has the highest probability of giving birth before wedlock too. But If that happens to us, it might not happen to our child. Only if we are born again and ask for the forgiveness of sin. Then we can now take the child to God like Samuel. And God ll perfect their ways

1. Be born again 
2. Be prepared 
3. Be a good example 
4. Be disciplined 
5. Lead our kids to Salvation

"no man is perfect, no home is perfect BUT with Jesus in our homes, we are more than conquerors"

Thanks and God bless as you read through.

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