On Wednesday, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi, the Alaafin of Oyo announced that he have no animosity against Seyi Makinde the Oyo State Governor over the location of the Police Mobile Force, Ago-Are in Oke Ogun geo-political zone of the state.

Adeyemi, who disclosed this while accepting the governor on a courtesy visit, said that if he had any animosity; he would have inform the governor.

DAILY POST reports that Makinde was in Oyo to commission the newly-renovated and equipped Primary Health Care Centre, Aafin Oyo.

While Alaafin Oyo reacting during the governor’s visit, appealed the government to do everything in his custody to bring back the primary health care sector.

“Your Excellency, whatever you can do, do it. The conception of the primary health care system was developed in Russia. So, I understand too well that it is a policy that can be maintained and sustained if there is the will by the government and the people.

“We want good governance for the people and we will support you by God’s grace. We will continue to back you so that you can progress as you move this state forward.”

While Governor Makinde responding said that he does not have any knowledge of the letter that have been written by the Alaafin.

He revealed that he had, in September 2019, secured the inclined of the Inspector General of Police to site a Mobile base in Oke Ogun to curb kidnapping and other disastrous crimes.

Governor Makinde noted that the measures to reform and furnished the PHCs was going on, with the furnishing and equipment of Oranyan Primary Health Care, Ibadan; ALGON Comprehensive Health Centre, Eyin Grammar, Ibadan and the Aafin Oyo PHC.

He disclosed that the state is supplying 1 Billion Naira to commence the campaign to energize the PHCs, while it has also put a Concord in place to find means, on a monthly basis, to continue the campaign.

“People may ask why we are not focusing on secondary or tertiary health facilities. Primary health care is the closest to the people and it is not every disease that should take us to secondary or tertiary health centres.

“Health is one of the pillars that this administration is standing on and primary health care is even more important because we have about 721 PHC facilities in Oyo State. I have visited a couple of them and majority of them are not in good condition. We just came back from Awe. The PHC there has been upgraded into a temporary isolation facility but once COVID-19 passes over us, then it becomes a standard primary health care centre that will serve the people of Awe.

“Out of the 721 health care facilities that we have, I don’t think 10 per cent of them are useful. So, we set a very tough task for ourselves. Within the time frame given to this administration, you will get, in every ward in Oyo State, standard primary health care facilities like this. We have commissioned that of Oranyan and another one at Eyin Grammar. We have this one coming on board and another one is in Awe but we need money to do this. We have been looking at the pocket of the government.

“To start with, we are providing 1 Billion Naira to start the campaign and we have also put an agreement in place to find means, on a monthly basis, to continue that campaign. We have asked the local government service commission, being its responsibility, that 7.5 per cent of its statutory allocation should be dedicated to primary health care centres.”

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