IF YOU CAN OVER COME SEXUAL IMORALITIES  my brother my sister  you have a great chance of making heaven, Sexual sin is the last bullet the devil have fired to the church. 

FORMER  MARIN  AGENT  WOMAN,  WHO SPENT 900years with Satan IN MARIN KINGDOM, later arrested by the LORD Jesus Christ  explained  how she brought the idea of inventing trouser for women and it was approved by the devil to make them sin against God and cost them heaven after death.

Please  I beg you in the name of Jesus christ our Lord who shall judge all men at the last day,  stop wearing trousers and makeups etc. 2 corinthians 5:10 

Stop it today before death, demons invented women trousers for them to broke the commandments of God in Deut 22:5
Even in some so called Christian churches today, the preacher preach against no sin and the women keep waxing strong in Jezebel appears.
Every women that called herself Christian and wears trouser, seductive clothes, will end up in bottomless pit.

This is very serious ,even in some churches today, women wears trousers and their ministers encourages them that it's ok, there is Danger ahead.

God made man and woman and their is difference between man and woman and it can never be changed.
Women trousers is a gift from Satan to them only the wise will repent before death or the today of the Lord return.

SOME OF THE WOMENS ARE OVER 30YEAR BUT STILL Single why because of putting on men's clothing.
Whenever they wear it every men around them will be seeing sex demon instead of wife material.
Please repent today return all satanic properties you are keeping because it will hinder your heavenly journey, 
Artificial hairs
Wedding rings
Ear Ring
Noise ring
Chains. Etc

This message is for Heavenly minded candidates, but if you have chosen to burn with Satan in hell continue. Exodus 32, Isaiah 3:16 

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