On Tuesday, Mohammed Adamu, who is the Inspector-General of Police has disclosed that community policing would be accomplished by August 2020, to commences the recruitment.

Adamu revealed this after a closed-door meeting with the Senate Committee on Police Affairs and the Senate President, Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan in state House Abuja.

He said, the processed committee has been established and having briefed the Red Chambers on what Police have gone in trying to battle the insecurity in Nigeria, he shows possibilities that as lawmakers partner to assist them and thus, process of criminals would be reduced to the lowest minimum.

The statement credited to the Muhammed Adamu read as follows: “I was invited by the Senate Committee on Police Affairs to discuss the implementation strategy of community policing and security challenges. We briefed them on what we have done so far. The implementation committee has been inaugurated.

"Luckily, the Senate President joined the meeting and we briefed them on the implementation of community policing strategy, and what we have done so far in all the states of the federation.

“All the committees for the community policing strategy implementation have been inaugurated in all the States of the Federation. We are at the level of selecting the community policing officers now. We hope by August or September, we will complete the process.

“Community policing will take care of almost everything, the criminals are coming from the communities which means within the community, if you come from that community you will be able to identify that A, B, C are engaged in acts that either will lead to the commission of crime or they are committing the crime.

“So, because you come from the community you will identify them and let the community policing committee in the ward and the local government level to identify them so that they take them out before they commit the crime so it is going to be effective in terms of grassroots policing and this is what is required.

“I think the National Assembly this time around is very passionate and serious about security in this country. If there is any security challenge they quickly refer back to us.

“They give us a briefing so that we are aware of what is happening. All of them are aware of the effort that security agents and agencies have been doing in tackling insecurity.

“What we require from them is support and cooperation, and they have been cooperating in that area so that they are better informed in terms of what the security agencies are doing in fighting crimes and insecurity in this country.”

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