a) I imagine Lagos governor attending a party Exco meeting called by the assistant secretary and asking that the party exco be dissolved and supporting the chairman of a local government to take over and run the party for six months.

b) I imagine the meeting holding at the seat of power in Alausa and the council chairman being sworn-in immediately and directed to go and take over the reins of the party. 

c) I imagine the governor of a state running the affairs of a national party alongside his statutory constitutional responsibility of governance. (an obvious distraction).

d) Article 17, iv. of APC constitution says “No officer in any organ of the party shall hold executive position office in government concurrently “.

e) I imagine whether the NEC that took the decision to dissolve that arm of the party was properly constituted or formed a quorum. Article 25(b) empowers only the NEC and National Chairman to convene a meeting, giving not less than 14 days notice. In this case less than 7 days notice was given by Giadom and President agreed later, to attend within 24hrs. 

f) Can the Assistant National Secretary who had resigned and left to contest governorship election lay claim to the administration of the party?

g) Was there a vote of no confidence passed on the NWC before its dissolution ? (the constitution of the party calls for this, before dissolution)

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