“You want to leave your job?” My friend asked me, “In this recession?” Her eyes bulged and her head shook from side to side as she stared at me. For one minute I could not help wondering if I was wrong in my decision but this was something I had thought through for two years.

I asked myself why I wasn’t satisfied. A lot of people would do anything to be in my position. My salary was in eight figures so what was my problem? I was so used to doing things that I wanted to do so the thought of being totally dependent, at least for a while was a bit scary even though I knew I was in safe hands.

Why did I want more? I asked myself again and again. More what? It was not even easy to describe. I had prayed and sought for advice from people I considered close and they encouraged me to make the change I desired. But I had a few other close people who were so afraid for me.

“You mean you will actually resign and leave your job?”


“And go and teach? How will you cope after collecting this kind of salary?”

They were not questions I could answer but I knew I had to try to live the life I now wanted. There was a time when I wanted the life I had then and I lived it for 16 years but my wants and needs changed and I DARED.

Sometimes you can’t explain even to yourself why you want more fulfillment, why you want to do something else, grow in it and make impact. Sometimes you can’t explain why you want to plunge into an unsure future when your present is so secure but never let anyone tell you, your own is too much or you want too much.

Your change may not be as drastic as mine. It may be something that won’t throw you up and down but whatever it is, don’t let anyone tell you, your own is too much.

 So do not be afraid to fly. Fly in your imagination and fly in real life. Don’t keep dreaming and never acting. Swallow your fears and DARE. Make your mistakes and keep going. You never can tell how far you will go.

Our journeys are different and that is why some things you do will never make sense to me. My leaving my job didn’t make economic sense but it made other kinds of sense TO ME.

 Seek counsel and do what needs to be done and please know that this post is not about leaving your job. Just promise yourself that when you lie old on your bed, it would be with a smile of someone who has no regrets.


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