Fire as been a challenge in Nigeria this year, most especially in Offa, it was recorded that Owode market got burnt in early march of  this year, now another fire outbreak in Offa.

This morning there was a fire outbreak in Isale Ago area of Offa in Kwara state, the cause of the fire is unknown, the fire claim a whole building with no casualty.

The fire start exactly 10:50am in which the neighbourhood came out in mass to fight the fire with all source of water, and called upon Fire Fighter that reside in Olohunkuse  area in Offa, whose later come over around 11:15am.

The scenerio is unpalatable when the masses heard that the fire fighter came with insufficient water in their store tank.

Thanks for the masses for their humanity service that help in overcoming the fire outbreak. The fight fighters were been ridicule by the people of Isale Ago area.....

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