Three weeks after Israel lifted ban on all its schools and many are locking down the school again due to the rises in pandemic cases of corona virus among pupils and teachers.

347 secondary school students and teachers testing positive for the pandemic virus makes 127 schools to be shutdown on Sunday, the first working day of the week in Israel, according to an Education Ministry statement.

The number of students and teachers in quarantine centers grew from slightly more than 16,000 to almost 17,500 in little more than 12 hours.

Most of the fresh cases of the pandemic are from Jerusalem, most expecially from one high school, the Hebrew Gymnasium, where, as of Sunday, 148 students and teachers have tested positive.

Also, four more Israeli lawmakers had to go into home quarantine, because they had contacted with an Arab lawmaker, who tested positive last week.

Sami Abu Shehadeh, a member of the Arab Joint List party, in a post on Twitter late on Wednesday, called on all to abide by Health Ministry instructions and warned: “We must all internalise that the battle is not over yet’’.

Israel was quick to impose a stringent lockdown in mid-March, resulting in a relatively mild outbreak of the pandemic in the small Middle Eastern country.

But it was also quick to lift the lockdown.

Schools were reopened on May 17, followed by hotels, swimming pools and restaurants some 10 days later.

On Saturday, Israel’s beaches were packed, with many beachgoers ignoring an obligatory Health Ministry guideline to wear a face mask.

As of Sunday, a total of 17,783 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Israel, of whom 15,064 have recovered.

Only 29 are in serious condition, of whom 23 are on respirators.

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