In life, for you to be ten times better, you must be ten years ahead in your mindset, habits and actions. For it is your thinking and acting ahead that will take you ahead in this journey of life.

If you are eighteen, start thinking and acting like twenty eight. If you are twenty five, start thinking and acting like thirty five. With this, you will make your mistakes while you are young and re-adjust as you grow.

Studying the lives of great men, I figured out that what took them to their dream is not their position but their ability to think ahead and act ahead. These great men didn’t act the way other did, they created their paths and walked it.

Don’t let anyone talk you down that it is not possible for you to have your dreams while you are still young, it’s not true. You can have all your dreams when you are young, when you think and act ahead. Because any journey of life that you start on time will get you there on time.

I believe that you can reach your promised land without having to walk the journey of 40 days in 40 years. Instead of trying to guess your ways through life journey, start training your mind to see the future that you desire and start acting it.

If your mindset can be renewed, your life will definitely be transformed and take you to your dream. 

All you need now is to think it, believe it and act it. When you do, you will be there and be fulfilled. 

Oluwole Oyewole

My book: “Break the Cycle! Chase your Dream!” is a book you should read if you desire your dream to manifest before you while you are young. It will guard you through all the principles you need to get your dream before you.

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