This was the word of a depressed lady after a long time of waiting without having a man to marry. 

She said: "I'm getting old and my breasts are sagging. Yet I have no man around me. Will I still get married?"

Crazy right! That was a scary word from a depressed lady in her early 40s as I read from my mail before the COVID 19 stay at home order.

You see, we have people around who are depressed, down with situations that are too hard to explain. We have men working around looking great, yet insides are pains and griefs.

As for me, I am not God or an ordained pastor who can look at a situation and give a perfect solution to end those pains - oh how I wished!

But I'm so sure that as we have problems, so we have solutions. As we have a beginning, so we have an end. As we have sadness, so we have happiness. But the problem is how can we find the right answer to our questions? What should we do in the midst of these pains?

Perhaps, maybe you've been in that same circle, or in that situation like this woman, doing the same thing over and over, and telling yourself the same story. 

See ba, the greatest hinderance to your solution may be your wrong mindset or what you say to yourself such as: "This is how I am!" "I don't think I can change this!" "I am not like others and I can't be like them!" "I will keep on praying until God answer my prayer!" "Nobody likes me!"

You see, your continuous stand and belief in any of those words will make you not to test new things. It will make you fear to see new things. It will make you to stay stuck to your old ways. It will make you mistrust people when they offer help. 

Oh my! It's so sad.

But the "Holy Spirit" says to you today, "Look at others getting results and plunge in!"

This will only require killing your ego and submitting to those who know the game more than you and learning from them. 

If you are stuck, get up! If you are down, calm down! If you want change, get ready for change.

Don't stick too long to a certain way of life. If your breasts are sagging, keep your head up and meet people with results to help you out. You are closer than you think. 

You can win. Nope! You will surely win!

Happy Democracy Day!

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