Niger State House of Assembly has set forth a bill for an Act that will provide the death punishment for rape and other sexual offenses due to the increasing inundation of rape cases rampaging the societies.

The House also converse that the death punishment be particularly operative when the culprits dies.

Sequence to the motion by Hon. Binta Mamman Representing Gurara Constituency on the rape issue.

Remember that the case of late Uwa, a university student that was raped and killed in the church in Edo State, and in Niger State the two girls raped by their father for 10 years as well as the 85-year old woman among others, she said it was unallowed to allow culprit to go without punishment.

"Rape is unacceptable, it is highly degrading and most times the perpetrators getting away with it due to pending cases in the courts. And, to make matters worst, victims of rape don’t report to avoid stigmatisation.

“That is why measures must be taken to stop it by setting up Courts to trail Rape and other Sexual Assault cases. I urge you, my colleagues to help address this challenge,” Mamman stated.

The members of the house of assembly condemned the dangerous act of rape has taken in the county while calling for strong punishment against perpetrators to supporte the motion.

Rape was linking to a deadly worst than the present pandemic Corona virus ravaging the people across the world, remember the story of a man that raped 40 women.

Hon. Ahmed Bello for Agwara Constituency  cried out of the rising cases of rape in the state, askee on the Niger State Governor Abubakar Sani Bello to come up with a riot Act against the threatening that is spreding in the society.

“That is why, we need to invite the state Commissioner of Police, Commissioner of Justice or a Representative to tell us their challenges at an Executive Session. So, that we can all come together to fight it holistically. It is a serious issue.

However, Shuiabu Mohammed, Suleja Constituency, characterized the issue of rape to deterioration in moral values of the society and lack of security and the pertinent laws against rape in the country.

“The issue of rape goes down to decay in our moral values and among our leaders such as political leaders, religious leaders, and traditional leaders that are supposed to set a good example to us. And, people tend to be more afraid of the traditional laws on rape than conventional laws. In the past, when there is a taboo placed on a thing, people tend to fear to commit an offense in that regard.”

Hon. Idris from Lapai constituency also disclose that rape is currently a outbreak issue that must be given the serious attention.

Hon. Bawa, after reading the resolution to the House, the Speaker ordered the Assembly Committee on Justice to discuss with the relevant bodies to come up with a section of law to deal with perpetrators of rape.

Bar. Wuse asked on the State Government via the Ministry for Women Affairs to sensitize residents against the disgraceful of victims of rape.

The lawmakers then appel the state Chief Justice to designate some Courts to try rape cases to ensure speedy trial of offenders of rape.

Meanwhile, Lawal Tanko Jimeta, the Commissioner of Police in Bauchi State, read the riot act to the residents on the issues of rape and gender-based attack in the state on Tuesday.

The Commissioner cautioned of the preparedness of the police to purnish the culprit decisively.

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