The regional office of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Africa in Brazzaville, Congo, has disclose that the number of corona virus also known as COVID-19 cases in Africa has increased to over 240,000 within 24 hours.

WHO also revealed that over 109,000 corona virus patients have discharged across 54 countries in Africa.

The UN health agency release the details through its verified official Twitter account on Monday morning.

According to the statement, COVID-19 has terminate over 6,400 people as of today.

WHO tweeted, “Over 240,000 confirmed #COVID19 cases on the African continent – with more than 109,900 recoveries and 6,400 deaths."

The WHO African region showed COVID-19 reports that Ghana is now overtake Algeria with 11, 422 cases, top fourth in Africa, while the North African nation has reported 10,919 cases.

The top country on the continent with the highest reported cases of 70,038 is South Africa 

WHO provided an update on COVID-19 in Africa in its dashboard.

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