Nigeria lost An Optimist Youth with awesome acumen Late Abdulmajeed Abdulrahman Olanrewaju Oba during is life time his philanthropist acts, through his foundation (The OLANREWAJU OBA FOUNDATION)  are Legendary as he believes in making active contribution to maintain in nearly all facets of Life.  

He Late Abdulmajeed Abdulrahman Olanrewaju Oba believe and have that spirit in him that "Giving is my Nature and I don't expect any reward from anyone that all reward come from Allah. Olanrewaju Oba is a well democratic man in dealing with people, relatives,  friend and most especially with his political associate  without any bias. 

No doubt,  Late Abdulmajeed Abdulrahman Olanrewaju Oba is an institution on his own a source where many drinks having achieved so much,  given out so much and still giving back to the society before is last breathe. (Rest In Peace) 

A man so rich in Spirit, character and materials Late Abdulmajeed Abdulrahman Olanrewaju Oba is an inspiration and advisor to many young one like him (who are financially capable of assisting)  teaching that the most powerful way to inspire other to give, is for them to see people giving in there community. And the community so much appreciate the special and unique role that you have play in their lives long. As all believe in giving out. 

Late Abdulmajeed Abdulrahman Olanrewaju Oba is always wanted a better life for Everyone within and Outside him. He loves Bridging the gap between the haves and have nots. He craved for a better Nigeria till death took him. Hmmm,  
Olanrewaju Oba  life was a blessing, a memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

Till memory fades and life departs, you live forever in our hearts.

Comrade Haroon S. A
The Olanrewaju Oba Foundation - TOOF

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