When you see a man doing great in life, you see something beautiful and worthy to emulate. You see results, influence and wealth. But many did not see the pains, the struggles, the training and the courage. 

Millions, billions and trillions are three categories of financial stages we all desires to be known for. If you don't want to be a millionaire oya tell me. We all do. Because financial stability is part of our major needs as human.

I'm not a millionaire yet. Trust me I will. But if you have to be in any of these categories, you must have a LION heart. A heart of courage that challenge the obstacles of life. No wonder they all have "LIONS." (Millions, Billions and Trillions)

This world doesn't work for the timid or the fearful one. It's works for those who have courage, It works for the people who see a need for change and go for it. It also works for those who did not allow the circumstances of life to challenge their abilities and pursuits.

What are your goals? What are your desires? If they are noble and are calling for your attention, go for them. Don't allow that yesterday failure to stop you from going after today's opportunity.

Like I always says, the pain of failures will never be compared with the pain of regrets. Regret will hunt you and it can become a wound in the heart while failure will train you and give you a better way to get what you want.

What are you going to do now?

Challenge yourself!
Get out of your comfort zone! And
Go for it!

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