A nutritionist, Paul Okoh, has cautioned against the excessive and dangerous uses of Vitamin C.

The drug supplement is being applied more to boost the immune system against pandemic corona virus.

However, Okoh explained this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Abuja, that excesses of this dtug could trigger unpalatable effects.

The Okoh make this known that it was wrong for people to take overdose to prevent deadly corona virus infection.

The expert described that Vitamin C is a type of antioxidant that assist to defend the body from free radicals that damage and destroy healthy cells.

“The maximum recommended amount or upper limit is 2,000mg per day for adults. Taking more is not life-threatening, but you may experience side effects like abdominal pain, cramps, diarrhea, headaches, nausea and possible vomiting and sleeping problems.”

The expert cautioned that people with hemochromatosis are in imperil of a Vitamin C excesses.

The clause causes the body to save excessive amounts of iron and leads to body tissue damage.

The expert also said an excessive may also result in unpalatable health challenges such as gall bladder stone, kidney stones and pelvic ulcer.

He also emphasis that lack of enough Vitamin C in the body causes a deadly condition known as Scurvy, Okoh counsel Nigerians to take it only once per day.

The expert regretted that some people take three dose daily, warning that the supplement provokes peptic ulcer.

Okoh said normal dose supports the body’s natural defenses against sickness and multiply iron absorption essential for growth and body functions.

According to him, this was how Vitamin C gained its reputation as a virus-fighting vitamin.

The nutritionist emphasis that oranges and orange juice are the best-known sources, he listed others as bell peppers, broccoli, cantaloupe, grapefruit, kiwi, potatoes, strawberries and tomatoes.

Okoh noted that patients may probably not need Vitamin C supplement if they eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

The nutritionist further said that the average adult woman required 70mg of vitamin C per day, while the average man required 90mg.

He said pregnant and nursing mothers can take as much as possible and advised Nigerians to discuss their individual nutritional needs with medical doctors.

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